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Mind Your Body Coaching & Yoga

Marie Pampanin MA, MFT, Candidate for an MS in Yoga Therapy

Strategic Intervention & Body Awareness Coach, Somatic & Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, and Trauma- Sensitive Heart Math Practitioner

Coaching & Yoga

My goal as a coach is simple: help you live a fuller life. As your coach I will provide you with the tools to meet the goal you may have. As we commit to breaking patterns, being mindful, finding an internal and external awareness, opening ourselves to healthier relationships, and listening to our hearts, bodies, and minds, allowing for new doors to open leading us to a more fulfilled life.


Yoga, Breath, and Meditation

Exploring yoga, breath work, and mindful practices we can address the body, building a loving and nurturing relationship between the differing parts of what makes us whole.                



Why Coaching through Yoga

With the science behind yoga, and its effects on the Vagus Nerve and PNS (Peripheral Nervous System), we can utilize experiences, breath, and mindfulness to live a life more fulfilled.  There are many tools we can explore from mindfulness, communication, understanding and integrating our past stories, to exploring the infinite possibilities of the story yet to come. 


The Evolution of Becoming Your Authentic Self

Providing a sacred space for ourselves, within our own heart, body, and mind. This allows for us to be able to explore what we need for ourselves and from others, and the ability to communicate it. This does not mean we will always get what we want and or need, but it gives us the freedom to make choices that help us to love our most authentic life. 

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Appointments are available via Skype or Zoom

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