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Thank you for visiting my website. Choosing a coach is a very personal choice, and you should seek someone with whom you are comfortable and who has the means to help you meet your goals. 

My qualifications include MA in MFT, RYT, and I am currently earning my M.S. in Clinical Yoga Therapy, included in my background training I have completed certifications in trauma-informed yoga, somatic yoga, and The Resilient Heart, through Heart Math. 

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Body awareness is key to understanding how physiology affects how we feel and react in our daily lives. By building skills through yogic practices, including breath work and mediation, we can build resilience and self-awareness for a balanced harmonious lifestyle. 

Other ways I can support you are through goal setting whether it is in your personal life, work, and health & fitness helps to move beyond roadblocks, and live a more passionate, fulfilling life.

Appointments are available in person, phone, skype, or via e-mail.

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